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  • tell me this, pal: why isn't everbody sittin' on a fence in the moonlight playin' a banjo?
    that's all i want to know.

    and grace will lead me home.

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    now if you ladies were blackbirds,
    if you ladies were thrushes,
    i’d lie there for hours
    in the cold, chilly marshes.

    if you ladies were squirrels with high, bushy tails,
    i’d fill up my shotgun
    with rock salt and nails.

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    a man’s heart is his own

    and only he can break it

    i’d start all over alone

    if only i could take it

    (via leftonlauradarling)

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    damn. this is flat gorgeous.

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    new music needed!

    dear tumblr friends,

    what new music are you listening to?
    who are we missing out on?
    who rips your heart out?
    who makes you want to sing along?
    who slays you?
    who makes you obsess?

    banjo appreciated, of course, but not required. ;)


    (reblog with your answers. let’s get a list going.)

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    i’ll come running back to you. ♡

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    got on a lucky one,
    came in eighteen to one -
    i’ve got a feeling
    this year’s for me and you,
    so happy christmas,
    i love you, baby,
    i can see a better time
    when all our dreams come true.

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    "i had a really hard earned - ya know, my 20s, the fact that i survived my 20s is a miracle. and i believe that wholeheartedly, that there’s genuinely no reason i can think of that i should be standing, er, sitting here right now, because i did everything to go the other direction. when i hit 30 for some reason it seemed to give me permission to relax a little bit." - justin townes earle

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    oh, willie.

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    for where the prairie grass sways and the rivers wash you clean.

    down to the river to pray.  allison krauss.
    when you get to asheville. steve martin and edie brickell.
    this girl. punch brothers.
    lost boys. paper bird.
    fingers to the bone. brown bird.
    annabelle lee. sarah jarosz.
    i am a man of constant sorrow. soggy bottom boys.
    wagon wheel. old crow medicine show.
    i’ll fly away. gillian welch.
    such great heights. joy kills sorrow.
    a lady does not often falter.  eli west.
    these days. the bonfire band.
    rock of ages. black prairie.


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    Rhiannon Giddens - “Gonna Write Me A Letter”

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    happy birthday, ryan adams. ♥

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    my heart is dancing to a november tune,
    and i hope that you hear it
    singing songs about you.

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    THE AVETT BROTHERS - The Magpie and the Dandelion

    Sneak preview on NPR!

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    dear moving picture boys,
    just give us the documentary already! please!
    ♥, girlmeetsbanjo

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